New Rope String Band

New Rope String Band

THE NEW ROPE STRING BAND have decided to call a day on their legendary live performances. By the end of OCTOBER 2015 the hardest working act on the acoustic music circuit will be no more. Offers are already flooding in from venues hoping to stage one of their final shows and Adastra is pleased to be helping out with making it a farewell tour to remember! We are inviting interest from venues that have worked with the group through our agency, and from further afield too –please get in touch SOON if you would like to include a show at your venue!

Once seen, never forgotten. Combining superb musicianship with side-splitting comic genius, the New Rope String Band are truly unique entertainers. Elements of circus, clowning, vaudeville, slapstick and sheer inspired silliness are spliced with beautiful acoustic music from various world traditions, in precision-honed yet uproarious performances that have delighted audiences from Borneo's Sarawak rainforest to the Shetland Folk Festival.

Equally at home in tiny village halls or on major festival stages, these maniac minstrels are now touring again as a three-piece, mixing up long-time favourite routines with ever-evolving new material. From musical tennis to deconstructed nursery rhymes, Python-esque absurdism to pyrotechnics and live interactive film, expect the hilariously unexpected.

Banjo, fiddle


"They made me laugh until I cried, and played some great music. If the Queen could knight them or something, it would be a good idea."   (Tim O’Brien)

"Cherishably insane." (HI-Arts)

“Value for money in every way possible.” (Rachel Roberts, Nottinghamshire Artservice)

“I couldn’t believe what they were doing most of the time. It defied belief, it was really great!” (Bob Gibbon, Director, Orkney Folk Festival)
Contact Martin Peirson, Adastra, The Stables, Westwood House, North Dalton, Driffield,  E Yorkshire, YO25 9XA Tel: 01377 217662 |

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Tue 4 AugustAYR Gaiety Theatre, Carrick St KA7 1NU01292 288235