La Bottine Souriante

La Bottine Souriante


"...One of the most innovative and uplifting bands playing contemporary roots music anywhere." - Tony Montague, The Vancouver Courier

La Bottine Souriante a "reel" booster!

La Bottine Souriante first appeared on the Quebec music scene in 1976 and is a living legend of French North American roots music. Out of eleven albums this remarkable group released in their first twenty five years, four are certified Gold and three is Platinum.

The group has won dozens of awards and headlined festivals around the world. La Bottine Souriante is no longer simply a Quebecois/Canadian musical phenomenon. The group and their explosive sound have crossed borders the world over and left in their wake countless enchanted audiences. The group has developed a distinctive sound all its own that successfully allies its homage to tradition with a dash of jazz, salsa and pure folk, while at the same time perfectly representing the symbol of vitality and pride of its mother culture. In addition, the music identifies strongly with the current World Music movement.

Comprising of nine musicians, La Bottine has developed an exceptionally tight, cohesive sound, with a music that celebrates. These two elements, music and celebration, characterised by pulsating rhythm, breathtaking sound, and exuberant spirit, have been inseparable since time immemorial. And it is directly into this turbulent energy that La Bottine Souriante sweeps its rapturous public.

La Bottine Souriante took part in numerous Folk Festivals around the world, among them TONDER , CAMBRIDGE and WOMAD FESTIVALS. The group appears on many compilations, notably with Kepa Junkera (Bilbao 00:00h) from the Basque country as well as with Paddy Molony and The Chieftains (Fire in the Kitchen).

" The tightest and most exciting band of any nature anywhere... " - FolkRoots, UK

" ...One of the best live acts of this universe." - Folk World, Germany

" ...Simply the best band I saw all through the summer festival season. " - Georgina Boyes, BBC Radio 2

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