Adastra_Office_SmallAdastra represents over 60 artists in the fields of - Traditional English, Celtic, Contemporary, Blues; World, European, Americana, Gospel, Dance, Concert artists, artists experienced at running Workshops… and many combinations of these.

These artists are suitable for a wide range of occasions and venues from Theatres and Arts Centres, to Festivals; Concert and Dance events; Local Community concerts and smaller Clubs, as well as for Corporate Entertainment events. Many also are happy to perform or work in Schools, leading workshops and undertaking special residencies. Whatever your needs we have made every effort to supply it for you…. Read on.

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We are delighted to welcome Ten Strings And A Goat Skin to the Adastra roster.

detempsantanWe are delighted to welcome De Temps Antan to the Adastra roster - touring UK/Ireland 25 October - 2 November 2014.

Read more about this incredible band here and check out their latest promo video.

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